Be a millionaire for the day - with the sun on your back, the wind in your hair and a tropical drink in your hand... Freestyle is paradise found . . . more info here !

Consistently voted among the top five things to do on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. FreeStyle Catamarans combines the romance of the Caribbean with the adventure of the sea - Sail Sosua Bay with FreeStyle Catamarans today. 

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Wind in your hair, sun on your back and a tropical cocktail in your hand, 
you'll be in Paradise with Freestyle Catamarans.

The Islands finest luxury catamarans offering you an opportunity to treat yourselves like millionaires for the day and enjoy a fun filled adventure on the high seas. Soak up the scenery as we sail along the North Coast of the beautiful tropical paradise Island. Get your cameras ready to capture the towering mountains that dominate the skyline, and keep your eyes open for the many flying fish and dolphins that swim in these warm waters.

When the sails are raised on the fabulous sailboats the only sounds are the gentle lapping of the Ocean, the wind singing in the rigging and the lilting rhythm of the Caribbean music playing in the background.

A snorkeler's dream awaits, ideal for beginners, children, and the experienced alike, Sosua is amazing. Professional instruction and equipment are provided, including inflatable snorkel vests for added  buoyancy so even first timers feel like pros! Crystal clear Turquoise waters, unparalleled visibility and pristine setting make Sosua the best Snorkel spot on the North Coast of this beautiful Island.

During our special guided tour you will experience first hand the multitude of life provided  by Sosua's undersea world, living corals, and a myriad of exotic tropical fish every color of the rainbow, that will actually eat right out of your hand.



Location (Hotel pick-up List)

Duration 6 hours

Open Bar

Extensive Lunch Buffet


Multilingual Team







Note: Transportation cost may apply for some hotels.  


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